According to TYT Uygur Canadian Banks are Superior to American Banks

First hockey and now the banking industry!

Letting someone else toot your horn is far better than standing up on a soapbox yourself . . . have a watch/listen to The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur sing the praises of what he calls the greatest banking system in the world.

I wonder when the U.S. will become our 11 Province?

(Note: Bucky is pretty jazzed about this!)



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2 responses to “According to TYT Uygur Canadian Banks are Superior to American Banks

  • jimbouchard

    Check and mate. I’d like to offer an oppositional viewpoint to my friend in the North- I have none.

    Every point made on that video is absolutely dead on target.

    Over the past several years the Canadians had the audacity to take their money from 50 cents on the US dollar to an on-par swap. Every time we went to Canada it was like a giant two for one sale…no longer! It was like getting something free every time we shopped, lodged or dined there!

    Oh Canada- Glorious and, well no longer free…at least for us!


    • procureinsights

      Actually, the Canadian dollar is now worth more than the US dollar . . . which interestingly enough has a potential negative effect on Canadian businesses with US-based clients.

      Specifically, the exchange difference used to represent additional profit and thus with the rise in the Canadian dollar’s value said profit has dissipated.

      Funny eh . . . typically Canadian – we win the battle but lose the war.

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