Should Parents Be Held Legally Liable For Crimes Committed By Their Minor Children?

During our March 23rd segment in which we discussed the Casey Heynes story in which Casey, a boy who had been picked on for some time and was actually considering suicide, finally stood up to one of his tormentors.  The incident, which went viral around the globe on YouTube, showed the punk punch Casey in the face a number of times before Casey picked him up like the little miscreant paperweight that he is, and threw him to the ground.

While both boys were suspended – a point of fact with which I take great exception but, is a discussion for another day – one of the subtle yet poignant comments that was missed by most with the exception of myself and our guest Susan McLean was the statement by the bully’s mother than she “hoped” that her son would apologize to Casey.  Hoped!  Who is the parent here?

If I had pulled a stunt like that there would not be a question as to whether or not I would apologize, as both my mother and father would have assisted me to the front door of the kid I had been tormenting and ensured that I would have been sorry for my thuggish behavior.

This of course opens the door to the focus of today’s post . . . should parents be held legally liable or accountable for crimes committed by their children while the children are under the age of majority?

While we will be tackling this question head on in an upcoming segment, take the time to weigh in with your opinion in the following 49th Parallel Poll:



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