A Business Perspective on the Government Shutdown…You’re FIRED!

We love to hear the Donald say those words on his iconic reality show, “The Apprentice.” What would he say to Congress if they were employees of his business?

Let’s say you’re running a business- you’re in deep financial trouble…

Your top managers are more than 6 months overdue with their budgets.

  • Your CFO’s advice to you for getting through this mess is to simply borrow enough money to get you through to better times- but he cannot tell you when or how those better times will come. Worst of all, in the very same sentence he blames unchecked borrowing as the root cause of the mess and at the same time tells you that borrowing is the only solution.
  • You cannot pay any more than interest now, but your top financial advisors tell you to “raise your debt ceiling.”
  • Your company is bleeding to death, but your managers band together and bring you a plan to borrow money from the government to pay bonuses to themselves and fund their own pet projects- many of which are not job related.

What would YOU do given any ONE of these possibilities?

I’d pull a Donald and fire the whole bunch!

Watch this video and see if this doesn’t sound like the recent stream of petulance spewing from Capitol Hill…

Any sensible business person knows you can’t borrow yourself out of a mess. The best business people on earth only borrow when there’s a positive cash flow against the loan. Responsible business people know how to go lean to turn a business around- or they know when it’s time to close the doors.

Congress is debating a government shut-down and they’re holding it over our heads like the sword of Damocles. This is the most egregious expression of arrogance yet expressed by our elected body- and they had to do something this incredibly audacious to top everything else they’ve been up to for the past 20 years.

To Congress-

NO- For the last time you dumb-asses…you work for US! We hired you to do a job; you’re not doing it. Everything you do depends upon funding, and your first job is to prepare a budget- you didn’t do it…


NO- The U.S. government is NOT a 501c charity. You’ve got a company policy; it’s called the Constitution. Where in that policy does it state that you’re supposed to prop up foreign financial interests, fight proxy wars, invest in private businesses or even provide welfare for us? I’d say look carefully, but you don’t have to. You read the Constitution aloud a few months ago- were you paying attention? You’ve long ago exceeded your authority…


NO- We’ve allowed you a generous personal expense account for years. You’ve used it to send yourself on non-business related trips, to send personal mail, to fly company aircraft for vacations and to throw elaborate parties for criminals and loan sharks. You’ve abused our trust to craft a golden parachute in the form of a pension plan that is the envy of the very owners of your company…


You’ve used your position to curry favor with the competition. You’ve chosen to aid and abet competitors and even enemies at our expense. In several major battles you’ve co-opted company resources to support enemies and competitors. You’ve violated our most sacred trust…


Nobody in private business would tolerate the modus operandi of Congress for…well; nobody would tolerate this bullshit at all in business. At the first of any of hundreds of offenses, you’d simply fire the offending party and be done with it. No- we keep re-hiring the worst of the criminals and our only excuse is that we’re afraid to rock the boat for fear that our own employees won’t give us what is already rightfully ours?

Folks- it’s OUR money. This is OUR country and this is supposed to be OUR government. Some say the American experiment is failing- if so it’s only due to our own apathy. Nobody has taken our power from us- in the first society that has produced a government to serve the will of the people, we’ve abdicated the privilege to govern ourselves. In this vacuum we’ve allowed ourselves to once again become subjects of a crown- this crown is made up of committees and the royal jewels decorate the Capitol rotunda.

It’s simple really. We sent these people to Washington to do a job- they didn’t do it. Instead of accepting responsibility, our own “board of directors” is locked in mortal combat and when we ask any of them why they’re not getting the job done, they blame each other, their predecessors or us. They are telling us they don’t have the answers- it’s time to hire someone who does.

The solution is simple- but will require some pain. We need to step up and take charge of our own government again. We need to restore the true citizen to the Congress and to the White House. We’ve got to stop simpering for scraps from our own table.

The first step is to call our employees into our conference room- that of the next electorate, and tell ‘em all…



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Martial arts transformed Jim’s self-perception from former drug abuser and failure to successful entrepreneur and Black Belt. As a speaker and author of Amazon bestseller Think Like a Black Belt, Jim tours nationally presenting his philosophy of Black Belt Mindset for corporate and conference audiences. He's a regular guest on TV and radio programs including FOX News, BBC Worldview and FOX Across America. View all posts by jimbouchard

6 responses to “A Business Perspective on the Government Shutdown…You’re FIRED!

  • mhbenton

    Very witty for sure. My only point with it is it might not go far enough with the “firings.” While you rightly point out the short-comings of out elected officials, you fail to link the business-minded individuals as co-conspirators in corrupting them in the first place. Maybe Donald needs to fire himself on that score, along with every other Fortune-500 CEO that pours money into the political process.

    In the end, our congress is like a bunch of drug addicts. They are addicted to money and refuse to take the first step and admit they have a problem. Of course, in this simile, that makes corporations and labor unions the supplies. While an addict can recover from an addiction, is it possible to rehabilitate the supplier for his criminal intern? Perhaps, but not until they too accept a dose of medicine in the form of punishment.

    So I support you in your efforts to remove the Board of Directors, but in the process let’s not forget to sever the pathway that lead them to addiction.

    • jimbouchard

      Interesting perspective! I’ve got no problem firing the associates as well- however; we can regulate the private sector immediately and effectively…we stop buying from them! Of course, then we’re talking about a different level of addiction- we’ll complain about Wall Street criminals who design ways to leverage a nickel to put a dollar on their books, but we still use their companies for our mortgages, insurance and convenient ATM locations!

      I also agree with you on the money pouring in to the political process- but we can stop that very easily by imposing rigid term-limit restrictions. The career politician was rightfully feared by our founders- and now we’re all Frankensteins and we’ve created an army of monsters!

      Best thoughts!

  • ginny

    Nobody has taken our power from us- in the first society that has produced a government to serve the will of the people, we’ve abdicated the privilege to govern ourselves. In this vacuum we’ve allowed ourselves to once again become subjects of a crown- this crown is made up of committees and the royal jewels decorate the Capitol rotunda.

    exactly. i am going to start with governing myself. it is crazy to keep blaming goverment if i keep giving them chances. i will do something different. going to use my knowledge, trade it for other knowledge, with someone i know and have a personal tie to. the good old barder system. Can you go to jail for bardering? i am not going to let someone else make choices for me about who where when what why with who where when what why.

    • jimbouchard

      Ginny- in theory you actually could go to jail for bartering if you don’t report the value of service-in-kind as income. The government hand is in every pocket!

      Of course, they still haven’t figured out a way to tax us for business conversation over lunch or in a mastermind group! (Crap- I may have just given someone ideas!)

      Keep on keepin’ on!!!


  • BKB

    I hear alot of commentators making all sorts of claims about “throwing the bums out” kind of speach. In reality the real issues are out in your face: (1) the government sets budgets and commits funds often 2 or 3 years ahead of the spending point – this means that it can fall behind revenue and create gaps. (2) a large part of US business is in fact based on government spending for defense, transportation, medical services, agriculture, technology, the list is endless. The government in fact creates base demand and its buying creates and maintains large portions of the community at large. (3) without the money being spent, what would the actual economy transform to? (4) Many corporations and households pay no taxes now – so what would “less tax” and “smaller government” actually mean to them? (5) There are forces at play right now trying to wreck the US – at a federal,state, and local level, all in an attempt to collect power and force people to let them have the power to do their will. Regardless of anything else, these dangerous elements pursue power over your prosperity and pursuit of happiness. These are the ones causing the chaos, the hatred, and the other negative issues out there. These are the ones that we just “hired”…

    • jimbouchard

      BKB- I believe your allegiance is showing! The pursuit of power in Washington, our state capitols and even the local town hall are not limited by political party. The power you talk about is based upon control of spending for “medical services, agriculture, technology” etc. You mention that the government creates “base demand” and that it’s buying “creates and maintains large portions of the community at large.” Well- to be blunt…it’s not supposed to!

      My argument, however, is fairly specific to the federal government. The powers of the federal government are specifically enumerated in the Constitution and again particularly restricted by the 10th Amendment. The 10th leaves open the possibility and privilege of the states and the people to spend in the areas you mention, but specifically restricts the federal government from doing so. Federal powers have expanded largely under the argument that Congress is doing “the people’s” business.

      Beside the point. The framers knew the dangers of centralized authority; the greatest being that centralizing authority also centralizes power thereby setting in motion the same problem you describe; that being corruptive power.

      What I fail to see is support for your contention that “there are forces in play right now…in an attempt to collect power and force people to let them have the power to do their will.” If I’m interpreting this properly, you’re referring to a movement by elected officials to amass power in order to legislate according to their own self-interests? If so- the greatest protection we have is to enforce the letter of the Constitution. Again- the Constitution specifically restricts federal power; which is why the federal government operating or even sponsoring businesses (Freddie & Fannie, bailouts), interfering in free commerce (corn subsidies, federal welfare programs) and social programming (National Endowment for the Arts, federal funding of programs like Planned Parenthood) vastly exceeds the intent of federal authority as intended by the founders.

      Our nation was founded by individuals and entrepreneurs. They created a wonderful mechanism for change, but greatly feared restrictive federal authority- which they fought so hard to reble against. The more we depend on federal authority and power, we restrict the rights and freedom of the individual; the opposite intent, I believe, of many who possibly with best intentions expanded federal power in order to engineer social programming and such.

      The most effective government is that closest to the electorate. Keep the money and power close to home and the people are truly empowered best to use both wisely.

      Best thoughts!

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