Hell in a hand basket: Why American elections are more about sensationalism than substance

American politics and politics in general is distasteful in that the focus is not on a candidate’s own ideas and vision but instead on what the candidates against whom one is running have done wrong.

I know that this is nothing new but when will we as the public start changing this abhorrent behavior with our vote?  After all, we are as much to blame as the candidates themselves because we are willing spectators with the press merely pandering to our seemingly insatiable appetite for sensationalism over substance.

Can anyone tell me how Gingrich’s ethics violations in 1997 demonstrate that Romney is the better candidate?  Or how Romney’s support of say the controversial Full Sail University in Orlando better equips Gingrich to do the job?  Or for that matter how government workers owing billions in back taxes reflects poorly on the present Administration?  After all, the delinquent tax problem has spanned years and multiple administrations.

Against this mudslinging backdrop it is not a stretch to think that the people who actually do have the qualifications to run the country would choose not to enter the fray as who would want to get into a dirty game in which the missteps we all make in life are dug up, distorted and magnified on the world stage?  In short, the present system likely attracts the least qualified as opposed to the most qualified because after all who amongst us can legitimately cast that first stone?

What are your thoughts?  Has American politics denigrated into a largely ineffectually exercise in surrendering the helm of the country to the best mudslinger?



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