Your president thinks you’re STUPID

Forget faith. Forget the religious argument. There is a much bigger problem and here it is:

Your president thinks you’re stupid.

That’s right. President Obama’s “Contraception Compromise” shows clearly and without a doubt that he thinks the American people are absolutely stupid.

Here are the basic facts:

  • President Obama declares that employers with a religious objection will not have to provide insurance benefits for contraception and birth control
  • Instead, insurance companies will be mandated to provide these services free of charge and…
  • …People working for religious groups with the exemption will get the coverage anyway

For Christ’s sake! There is no question that Obama thinks we’re stupid; the question now is exactly HOW stupid he thinks we are!

First of all, whether you consider yourself a religious person or not you should be afraid, very afraid of what is going on here. Never has there been a more overt declaration by the federal government that imposes governmental control over a private industry. By what authority does the president or anyone in government mandate that a private insurance company must provide a service without compensation?

Of course, you ARE stupid if you think the insurers will not pass this expense along. Of course in this version of the New World Order, everyone will share in this expense. I’m guessing that there has already been a wink and handshake deal that provides for some kind of “Equality in Coverage Fee” that will cover the extra expense.

Having children is a CHOICE. Since the beginning of this battle, advocates of birth control, particularly abortion, has been “freedom of CHOICE.” It’s a woman’s choice as to whether or not to have a child or carry a child to full term.

Well then, how do you justify stripping away someone else’s freedom to exercise their own moral conscience?

Here is the flip side argument made by the Los Angeles Times: 

“It seems wrong to require employers to provide coverage they find morally reprehensible, but equally wrong to let them make moral decisions for employees.”

By what twisted logic is any refusal to pay for optional insurance benefits somehow construed as the imposition of a moral decision? That’s like saying that unless I pick up the tab for your lunch, I’m stripping away your civil rights!

Having children is an individual choice. Whether you agree or not, aborting a pregnancy has been defended as an individual choice. How can you make this argument and at the same time say that it’s anyone else’s responsibility to pick up the tab for your individual choices?

How is an employer somehow morally obligated to pay for your birth control? How is not paying for birth control somehow making moral decisions for employees?

If employers were allowed to impose a company policy that states that you cannot have children, that argument might hold up. No — you’re free to have children or even abort them; it should be your responsibility to pay for those decisions.

I’ll be blunt: If the choice of whether or not to have a child is your individual right; then it’s also your individual responsibility to support that decision, morally and materially.

We’re not talking here about depriving anyone of fundamental human rights. You can’t, for example, make a logical argument that supports slavery. The argument here is not whether to take a fundamental right away from someone, it’s whether or not we’re going to manufacture and subsidize a new privilege.

Ironically I was about to review the new movie, “Atlas Shrugged.” In my review I was going to say that while thought provoking and in some places amazingly prophetic, overall it’s a bit melodramatic and over the top.

After the double-speak our president is attempting to pull off this week, I’m not so sure…

This is a fundamental individual rights argument masked in a religious rights argument. The issue here is not the rights of religious organizations, this is the most egregious attack on the rights of individual freedom and conscious ever attempted by our federal government.


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One response to “Your president thinks you’re STUPID

  • piblogger

    Of course given the latest Pfizer recall of contraceptive pills in the US because they do not prevent pregnancy makes the point somewhat moot. Okay maybe not but, here is the bigger point; if optional procedures such as cosmetic surgery are not covered and the government has no plans for taking a similar stance with this as they are with contraceptives why are they doing what they are doing? What is the hidden agenda relative to the contraceptive debate?

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