What’s wrong (with some people) in America? The response from one reader says it all . . .

Thanks for your input, biased and inaccurate though it is. Your article is condescending and pompous. Let your thesaurus be your guide, right? Your perceived view of American history and present day conflicting views by you and Caputi are simplistic, written by wanna be sophisticates who use their thesaurus to hide their ignorance behind long words. What has President Lincoln got to do with any of this? The Canadian Press prints some good articles, probably too conservative and accurate for you. Americans do not hate each other as a whole. But being a liberal you must adhere to the far left line.’ Perhaps we should follow the Canadian model. Enjoying socialised health care? You can keep it. Canada and America have always been good allies. But a liberal can’t pass an opportunity to create division wherever possible. Luckily I don’t see all Canadians as being like you. Your loud mouth and the liberal do-gooders here are a classless minority. If you rely on cartoons as your measurement of America, you are a “neo”-Neanderthal. Regards from America Mr. Jon W. Smug.

The above is a response I received regarding my post “Has America Lost A Sense of Its Own Greatness or, Why Do Americans Hate Each Other?

What is most interesting is that it (being the response) proves – with an exclamation point I might add, that perhaps my assessment is on the mark.

As I would write in my reply to the reader, the fact is I am not a Liberal as my leanings are more conservative.

In terms of health care, I have actually written papers, articles as well as aired a number of shows questioning the ongoing viability of socialized medicine based on the obvious failings of the model (Here is the link to the most recent critiquing of Canada’s health care system; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jon-hansen/2012/02/25/poor-health-how-quebecs-system-is-failing-its-citizens).

The fact is that without actually doing any research, and therefore failing to even gain a minimum understanding of the reasons behind my point of view, the reader made assumptions that fueled an uninformed vitriolic denigration of what was nothing more than an honest expression of an opinion, that itself was based upon my own research.

This of course leads to the obvious question, what ever happened to an informed dialogue where after a respectful sharing of opinions parties to the discussion could at worst agree to disagree?

So you tell me, is the above individual’s remarks reflective of American society as a whole, or are they limited to only a small but vociferous group of citizens?

A brief comment about Canada . . .

By the way, and with a people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones sentiment, I am seeing a similar expression of animosity, particularly with politicians, here in the Great White North.

A recent example is a Huffington Post article by Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, which conjured up images of deflective school yard antics that serves no one, least of all the Canadian public.

While I am not suggesting that the wrongdoing referenced in her article be ignored, what I do find distasteful is the self-serving, sanctimonious stumping that Ms. Bennett and other politicians with short memories seem to do with great alacrity, while every day Canadians are left to deal with the consequences of partisan politicking.



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2 responses to “What’s wrong (with some people) in America? The response from one reader says it all . . .

  • AKansan

    An old adage regarding America says; I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers – and it was not there . . . in her fertile fields and boundless forests and it was not there . . . in her rich mines and her vast world commerc – and it was not there . . . in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution – and it vas not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.

    In my opinion, I believe America has lost her integrity and is unaccountable. Truth has no value in our government, our corporations, our communities and in many instances our families and homes. The almighty dollar rules in America no matter which party you belong to.

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