The Firing of an un-Wed Mother-To-Be Texas Teacher Begs The Question: Is There an Anti-Christian Sentiment That Runs Through America?

A Christian school in Texas has fired an unmarried science teacher because it claimed she was not a good “Christian role model” — even after she offered to get married.

from the April 12th, 2012 The Raw Story article “Texas Christian school fires unwed pregnant teacher” by David Edwards

The above is an interesting story out of Texas . . . which deserves an equally interesting question . . .

Because of the moral clauses in his contracts with sponsors, Tiger Woods (who’s income from golf only accounted for 10% of his overall annual earnings and billionaire status) saw, has one report put it, “his endorsement empire crash and burn in December 2010” after disclosure of his extramarital affairs.

Yet despite being fired by sponsors not one of the companies that terminated his contract received any bad press or were criticized by the public for their actions.

So why is this situation any different?  More specifically, why is the Christian school taking heat for their decision to terminate a teacher who, out of wedlock, got pregnant?

It is clear that there are indeed standards by which one has to conduct themselves, even if they are not a celebrity.  For example, the obvious role model that a teacher in a Christian school plays in both educating and influencing the lives of their students.

In the case of the Texas teacher, her personal life decisions are indeed hers to make however, and as is always the case, there are consequences to our actions whether they be positive or in this case negative.

Similar to Woods (who likely knew that his extra curricular activities would put his lucrative endorsement business at risk) suffered the consequence of his infidelities when his actions were made public, I cannot believe that the Texas teacher was as surprised by her termination as she claims after she made the disclosure that even though unmarried, she was pregnant.

Quite frankly I believe that the real issue is one of having to accept the consequences of one’s own actions.

As I had already indicated, I cannot believe that she is (or should be for that matter) as surprised as she claims at the decision to fire her.

When in Rome as they say . . . the fact is that Christian values are not obscure and as such if you know that what you are doing is contradictory to said values or rules and still want to go against them, then seek employment at a secular school where the outcome might have been different.  I mean think about it for a moment, if I go to another country and break a law that may not exist in America should I not have to face the consequences of my actions as I am, while in that country, operating under their rules?

What are your thoughts?  Are we viewing this situation through an anti-Christian lens in which someone who with full knowledge had to know that getting pregnant while unmarried would create a problem with her employers?



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