Firing of Unwed Texas Teacher Polarizes American Sensibilities While Raising the Question of the State Interfering in Church Affairs

@ Fred Hollister . . . Wow Mr. Hollister, you raise a good point on so many different levels.  To start, by preventing a young woman from graduating high school because she became pregnant creates a perpetuating cycle of unemployment, poverty and ultimately loss of hope for a good life.

Now, on the other side of the coin, and I think that we can all agree at least in point that babies having babies is a very bad idea, the question as to why these young women became pregnant speaks to a much larger problem.

Think about it for a moment . . . there are the all too frequent cases of both a young mother and a young father shaking their babies to death for interrupting them with their crying while the young parents were playing an online game.

Then there was the message sent out by Brittany Spears’ younger sister who bore a child as a teenager . . . I do not believe that this was well received by the public in general because of fear that it set the wrong example.

Within this context, it certainly adds another interesting layer to the unwed teacher becoming pregnant doesn’t it . . .

The above is just one of my responses to the many, many comments I have received so far regarding my April 12th 49th Parallel Forum post about the firing of a teacher from a Christian school for becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

While there are certainly those who support the school’s decision to terminate the teacher based on a moral imperative that is tantamount to a good conduct clause in an employment contract, the vast majority feel that the school acted both hastily and harshly referring to it as a hypocritical action that fails to reflect the Christian value of forgiveness.

The comment by Mr. Hollister that led to the response highlighted in today’s opening paragraph added another dimension in that it spoke to the fact that in situations such as these it is usually the woman as opposed to the man who gets punished.  Specifically, and citing instances where teenaged girls were not allowed to graduate as a result of an unplanned pregnancy this individual, perhaps inadvertently, raises a much bigger issue.  And one that may in fact be far more supportive of the school’s decision than even he anticipated or would like to consider.

Of course the point that the woman often bears the lion’s share of the heartache under these circumstances as opposed to the man is a discussion in and of itself, and one for another day.  By the way, I truly believe in the axiom that it takes two to tango, and as such both the man and woman need to shoulder the responsibility for a pregnancy.

However, I cannot help but believe that the erosion of values to the point where the State encroaches on the Church’s core values should at least be considered when weighing the response to the firing of the teacher.  After all, I would not be surprised if these very same people, who are chastising the school, are the very same ones that also protest the interference of the church in State affairs.

What are your thoughts?



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