Is the Canadian School System Anti-Christian?

The question is in and of itself controversial and without a doubt polarizing, but is is one that demands an answer.

Last year I interviewed representatives from The Jewish Defence League of Canada, the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and the Christian Heritage Party regarding the Valley Park Middle School’s decision to allow 300 Muslim students to worship in the school’s cafeteria during school hours.

It was to some listeners an incendiary discussion, especially given the assertion by the panel that Muslim prayer is more an act of political sedition than it is a question of freedom of religion.  By the way, here is the link to that interview; Is Valley Park Middle School Canada’s Ground Zero Mosque?

Within the context of the Valley Park controversy, one has to wonder what is happening in our school systems when a single student can be suspended after “defying instructions to stop wearing a religious-themed T-shirt.”

The offending T-shirt in question states simply that “Life is wasted without Jesus.”

Putting aside for the moment the generally questionable attire of most students these days – and no I am not yet at the stage or age where I want to move to Florida, wear my pants high on my belly and complain about taxes, it seems more than a little unfair and unbelievable that this one student’s attire should be singled out for expressing his personal beliefs.  After all, isn’t free speech a concept upon which all democratic nations have been built?

Yet here we are once again, bending over backwards in one part of the country to demonstrate this very principle, while in another part imposing what I can only describe as being an act of prejudicial censorship.

Toward what end is this country headed when our values have been compromised, and our beliefs muted for no other reason than to avoid the purported offense on the part of either a sole or small group of detractors?

What’s next, telling Toronto Maple Leaf fans that they can’t wear their team’s jerseys in the Montreal Canadiens home rink because it might offend the Les Habitat fans?

Come on Canada, wake up!

If we continue to remain silent while the values that are held by the majority of Canadians are routinely banned we are going to one day wake up in a country that we will no longer recognize!

What are your thoughts?



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2 responses to “Is the Canadian School System Anti-Christian?

  • Jeff Lutes

    For me it is more a case of how the message was worded. I don’t think any life is wasted. I would expect a Megadeath or Slayer T Shirt would be tolerated. Know Jesus, Know Peace, No Jesus, No Peace would seem approriate in this instance. These people don’t seem to have any peace over this message.

    • piblogger

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject Jeff.

      One of the main issues with the situation regarding the T-Shirt is that while one school banned a Christian shirt, another allows Muslims to use the cafeteria during school hours for Friday prayers.

      The fact that people will rally to denounce a seemingly innocuous act of simply wearing a T-shirt professing one’s Christian faith, while remaining largely silent when a multitude gathers to pray for fear of being called intolerant is troubling.

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