SPECIAL UPDATE: Could restricting who owns guns actually preserve 2nd Amendment rights?

The biggest push from gun control advocates comes in the form of comprehensive background checks.

Gun rights advocates say universal background checks would be ineffective and might represent the first step toward registration and complete disarmament.

Captain Mark Kelly, a gun owner and according to his words, a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, is one of the advocates of tightening background checks. His wife, Gabrielle Giffords, is the Congresswoman shot in a mass murder spree. In this interview, Kelly says this is not really a 2nd Amendment issue.

Capt Mark Kelly

Well- is it?

Nearly 75% of NRA members say they’d support universal background checks.

Could restricting who owns firearms actually preserve the right of law abiding people to keep and bear arms?

Should this be a 2nd Amendment issue at all and if so- why do gun control advocates avoid the 2nd Amendment debate?

What are your thoughts?


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